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Benefits our clients are experiencing in their family lives.

FamilyC helps me create the family life I want instead of the one others want for me. 

FamilyC helps me feel validated as a parent and partner.



FamilyC helps us identify and live our values.

FamilyC helps us navigate issues that come up more skillfully.



FamilyC helps me support my partner rather than trying to "fix." 

FamilyC provides direction and structure that benefit my family.



FamilyC helps us find deeper connection.

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How Can FamilyC Support You?

illustration of holding hands

Can We Help You Stay In Sync With Your Partner? 

You want a thriving, happy, and rewarding relationship with your partner. How might our workshops and tools make it easier to attain?

illustration of hands making a heart

Can We Help You Connect More With Your Kids?

Your kids need you to both guide them and liberate them. Can we help you strike that balance with greater clarity?

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Can We Help You Find Community? 

You know that your life feels better when there are other caring people in it. Can we help you connect with other intentional parents and get more people in your corner?  

illustration of child's hand holding parent's finger
Can We Help You Be The Parent You Want To Be?

When you act from your own best intentions as a parent, it feels fantastic. How might our workshops add a rhythm to your life that makes this happen like clockwork?

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