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The Family Life
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Co-Create The Family Life You've Always Wanted

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Quarterly Workshops For St. George Parents

To increase your Confidence, Connection, Clarity, Convenience, and Creativity in family life.

That's why we're called FamilyC.

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What benefits might you notice from taking time every three months to notice your parenting successes, appreciate your partner, and open more deeply to each other?

How could you use support in your efforts to build your relationship and family life around the things you value most?

Do you have a friendly, authentic space to empathize with other parents, share ideas, and adopt new tools and mindsets? 

You Want Family Life to Feel Loving, Easy, and Fun. 


But As You know, it's complicated.

Problem 1

You spend most of your time working IN your family instead of ON your family. 

Problem 2

Your family life is competing with your personal well-being and fulfillment.

Problem 3

It's easy to get stuck on what's wrong in family life rather than proactively making things go right.

Problem 4

There's so much going on as parents that it's really hard to stay on the same page with your partner. 

Problem 5

It's difficult to manage and communicate feelings as a parent and partner. 

Problem 6

You have lots of scripting around what it means to be a "good" parent. It's hard to tell the difference between your scripting and what you really want. 

These Problems Are Daunting, But We're Here To Help!

Our Quarterly Workshops will help you... 

the number one and first step of FamilyC Proven Process


Pause to notice your parenting successes, challenges, and what you most appreciate about how your partner showed up.

the number two and second step of FamilyC Proven Process


Get on the same page about what is coming up, what needs to be done, and who will do what.


the number three and third step of FamilyC Proven Process


Discover new tools and mindsets that can bring even more love, ease, and fun into your family life. 


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What Workshops Are Like


How To Participate

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Click "Register Now" to complete a brief registration form and make payment. New clients can attend their first workshop for cost ($100 per couple or $75 per single parent or parent attending without their partner). 

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Attend A Workshop

Come join the gang at a workshop and see if we're a good fit. Workshops are held on Fridays from 9:30 to 12:30 followed by lunch. If you don't love your experience, we offer a 100%, money-back, no questions asked guarantee. 

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Enroll In The Program

At the end of your first workshop, you'll have the option of enrolling in a one-year program that includes four additional workshops. The investment is $1200 per year, per couple or $800 per year per single parent or parent attending without their partner. 

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A Letter to Potential Clients



Every three months we host a small group of parents from the St. George area to retreat for a few hours and co-create family lives that are surprisingly loving, easy, and fun. 

We do this without adding more tasks to our busy schedules or increasing our parent guilt. In fact, we systematically eliminate tasks and guilt. 

Our last clients came to us with years of friction built up around “planning meetings” and “systems.” Just the mention of doing something every quarter nearly scared them off. But after completing several workshops, they said they were finally finding the balance between structure and free-flow that they’d been searching for for years and it was making parenting so much easier. And even better, they had let go of so much of the friction in their relationship as they began to truly get on the same page. They told us “Somehow you guys created a process that works for both of us. We thought that would be impossible.” 

Another couple, two very busy professionals, found that their lives were so hectic they had no time to get intentional because they were so busy putting out fires. So busy in fact that they nearly missed several of their first workshops. Ultimately, they decided to prioritize FamilyC and they now rave about the cumulative, stabilizing effects these workshops bring to their lives. "Family life is still crazy, but it feels like the craziness makes more sense and is more manageable now because we are taking the time to process everything together. It also feels like now we're on the same team in a new way." 

Another client, a single dad, wanted to create a richer family culture so his two teens would feel more connected to him and each other. He had a history of setting goals and making commitments to be the kind of dad he wanted to be, and failing because he just didn’t have a framework to support him. After completing a year of quarterly workshops, he said he feels much more confident in his relationship with his kids. He said “I always knew that showing up and being an intentional dad was important to me, I just didn’t think I could actually do it. Now I’m feeling like one of the best dads I know.” 

How did they get these results? They joined FamilyC. 

You see, most parents are so busy working IN their family that they don’t take the time to work ON their family. Which keeps them stuck in the relentless grind. 

At FamilyC, we’ve discovered a magical formula that breaks this cycle and helps parents get on a very different track. All it takes is half a day every quarter. You simply process what happened in the past quarter and get clear on what you want to happen in the next quarter. Together. 

It sounds so simple, but almost NOBODY is doing this. 

Can you picture what it would feel like if every few months you retreated together to a pleasant environment and paused to notice, name, and celebrate:

  • Your SUCCESSES as parents and partners, big and small, over the last few months. You've probably got lots of wins you haven't even noticed!

  • The CHALLENGES you've been facing, and why each has been difficult. No wonder you've been struggling - look what you've been dealing with!

  • The APPRECIATION you feel towards your partner and yourself for how you've each shown up. It feels so good to be seen and appreciated for all we're doing!

It feels so good to pause to notice and honor our experience as parents, and to get back on the same page. 

Even if ALL you got by signing up for FamilyC was a guided, friendly space to review your lives together every few months, how much would that be worth to you?

But that’s only part of the experience. Once you’ve processed your past quarter together and gotten back into alignment, you plan out the next quarter. You’ll look at your calendar, see what’s coming up, and identify what needs to be done and who will do it. Only it won’t feel as much like work as you think, because at this point you’re really vibing and you can remember why you’re doing life together in the first place. So looking at your upcoming events and projects can actually unlock energy and bring a feeling of excitement. This planning session closes the loop and helps you both feel you're ready to face the next few months together. 

Now, going through this process even once can reduce some of the friction in your relationship and begin unlocking some new energy. 

But this isn’t just a one-time thing. This process is something you’ll want to hit repeat on. Here’s why. The amazing feeling you have after going through this process carries with you for days, weeks, maybe even months. But as you know, sooner or later, life happens. Over time it usually proves too much to handle and we inevitably fall out of sync with our partner and maybe our kids. Then the old patterns start whispering in our ears again and we start to lose hope. 

Just then, you’ll get our reminder text. “Hey guys, it’s time for another quarterly.” Rather than crashing and burning (which we all do from time to time) you get an opportunity to course correct, remember what matters to you, and get back to a space that feels good. Quickly. 

That’s the magic of FamilyC. It’s an amazing process that helps you get on the same page, and it's guard-railed by the power of a quarterly rhythm that helps you get back on track every three months.

Of course you could read this page and think, “We could just copy this formula and do this ourselves.” Yeah, you could. But will you? Actually? 

There’s something about making a commitment and being surrounded by other parents who also want to create more love, ease, and fun in their family lives that makes you more likely to be consistent. So yeah, you could technically do it yourself. And if you can pull it off without support, more power to you (truly!). But if you’re like the rest of us, how much more likely are you to succeed if you make a commitment, pay money, and gain access to a proven agenda, training, and community support?  

Which brings us to the final part of the experience that makes it magical. Guess who you’re going to be surrounded by while going through this process? Other couples just like you. Authentic, thoughtful, intentional people who also want to create even more love, ease, and fun in their family lives. Sure, you’ll have plenty of privacy during the workshop to process private things, but you’ll also have the benefit of hearing group shares where you get validation, insights, and a sense of normalcy when you hear about others’ challenges and experiences. Have you ever noticed how a sense of community makes everything easier and more fun? 

Even after all of this, we still haven’t even mentioned the tools, my friends. One of our favorite hobbies at FamilyC is creating simple, elegant tools for family life. Tools to help you discover and align your values. Tools to help you create a short- and long-term vision that excites you both. Tools to help you connect more deeply and efficiently with your kiddos. And so many more. Some of these tools are only available through additional, add-on workshops that cost a little extra. But we are constantly dripping amazing tools in at the end of these quarterly workshops as well - we squeeze in as much as we can while still keeping it spacious, chill, and fun. 

Oh…another thing. Remember that online course you bought that wasn’t worth nearly what you paid? Well, your value here is guaranteed. After you attend your first workshop if you feel like this just isn't for you, you get 100% of your money back. 

Plus, we want to make it so easy to join us for your first workshop that we're inviting you to join us for our cost. Just $100 per couple or $75 for single parents or parents attending without their partner. We’re only interested in finding right-fit clients, and we want to make it as easy as possible to try us out. 

And just to be clear, our goal isn't to have you attend our workshops forever. After a year or two of structured support, you can hold them yourselves if you'd prefer that. We'll continue to provide you with the agenda and forms we use to make it easy. Of course, you may choose to continue joining us for quarterly workshops or various skill workshops when the topics are interesting to you. But what matters is that you can benefit from the rhythms and tools we share with you for years after our official coaching relationship ends. Our goal is to tailor our offerings to what matters to you, which may be different than what matters to someone else. You don't exist to support FamilyC, we exist to support you. 

And don’t worry. Right now if you're asking yourselves “Yeah, but can we really make time for this?” then the program was designed specifically for you. It’s half of one day every three months. Are you willing to carve out less than 1% of your time to work ON your family life instead of only working IN it? Plus, this gig’s here in town so there’s no travel. You can come while your kids are at school. You don’t have to buy plane tickets or get on a three-hour Zoom call. Just show up in comfy clothes, be ready to turn your phones off for a few hours, and we’ll take it from there, including materials, snacks, drinks, and lunch. 

Now, this isn’t for everyone. First, not everyone can afford it. But lacking funds isn't the only challenge. For some couples, a bigger issue is one partner lacking desire. We've learned from experience that it doesn't work for one spouse to DRAG another to the workshops. If you want this but your spouse doesn't, we suggest you register as a single parent and come yourself! You may wish your spouse was there at times, but the best strategy here is to learn to work with what you've got. If this describes you, just know that this dynamic is right up our alley so we'll know how to support you. 

Oh, and––we're just going to say it––this is not a Hail Mary for a dying relationship. Therapy is the place to work that out. This program is designed for couples who feel committed to their status as a couple, or individuals regardless of their status. All couples have issues, big and small, but if your relationship is on the brink, FamilyC isn't equipped to rehabilitate it. 

Lastly, FamilyC is not for are those of us who are not quite ready to actually have what we want. Sometimes, we'd rather have our worn-out stories about why we can’t have what we want than figure out how to enjoy the love, ease, and fun that is actually available to us. Right now. This moment. 

Most of us run some kind of victim script like this at times, but if you’re not ultimately willing to be shaken out of it, FamilyC probably isn’t for you. 

It takes courage, and a little bit of hope and optimism to get the future we really want. 

Believe us, we know. 

In 2013, we hit our low point. Baby number four was a few months old and we were dealing with the pressures of small kids, postpartum depression, and building a business. James had an ideal in his head of a partner who woke up early, hit the gym, made a healthy breakfast, got the kids to school, was productive throughout the day, and emotionally available in the evening. Ange just wanted to be supported and appreciated, and to have a little time to herself for her own nurturing and well-being. James is an optimizer, and Ange just wants to live, dammit. When we finally got honest with each other about what we wanted, our differing sets of expectations had a head-on collision. Over the months that followed, we both felt so much sadness, misunderstanding, frustration, judgement, and guilt! We weren’t even sure whether being together was still our best option. 

Maybe your story is like ours. Maybe it’s worse. All we can say is that it suuuuucked.

But eventually we came around to a few questions that hooked us: 

“What would it look like to be FULLY OURSELVES in the presence of each other?”

“How would it feel if we learned to SEE and VALUE each other without needing to change each other?”

“How might we each bring our unique gifts to our family in a UNIFIED APPROACH?”

These questions got us curious and over time they motivated us to let go of ideals and "shoulds" that were in the way, and to re-integrate core parts of ourselves that we had been neglecting or orphaned off as "bad" or "wrong." As we experimented with taking total ownership of our own lives, we began to find safe allies in ourselves and in each other. We read a bunch, went to therapy, listened to podcasts, and practiced our new skills with each other until they became second nature. Now, we are confident in our ability to hold space for each other with COMPASSION and SKILL, and we have discovered a sense of UNITY that we used to think was impossible. 

It sucked at first but it has turned into a beautiful journey. We celebrate every day that we mustered the courage to say yes to it because now our relationship and family life truly feel amazing. There’s more LOVE, EASE, and FUN than we dared to imagine were possible. Most of all, everything feels so light and free. So easy to be ourselves, our true selves, in the presence of each other and our kids. We have habits in place that make it INEVITABLE that we'll share appreciation with each other often. And rather than trying to convert each other to our way of thinking and being, we've found strategies that allow us both to bring our AUTHENTIC SELVES to a UNIFIED approach to family life. It’s magical. And because it’s guard-railed by systems and processes (rather than our own fickle will or discipline) we’re really CONFIDENT in our future together. 

This is why we’re doing FamilyC. For us, figuring this stuff out has been so satisfying that we can’t NOT share it. We have so much fun collaborating with other couples on how to get more LOVE, EASE, and FUN in our relationships and family life. 

So how do you get a spot in FamilyC? 

If you’ve read the above and are ready to take the next step, just click the green Register Now button. You’ll be prompted to answer some questions about yourself/selves and make payment to join us for your first quarterly workshop. 

That first workshop is just $100 per couple or $75 for single parents or parents attending without their partner. We only want right-fit clients and this workshop is an easy way to test things out. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the option of paying $1200 to reserve your spot in four additional workshops (four quarters, one year). If you're a single parent, the cost is $800. 

There are a limited number of seats available, so if this resonates we kindly suggest you click Register Now and join us for the next workshop! We can’t wait to meet you. 

With love,


James and Ange


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If you attend and participate in a workshop and you are not 100% satisfied, we will provide you a full refund.