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                                      The Family Life
                                      You've Always Wanted

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                                      Co-Create The Family Life You've Always Wanted

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                                      Quarterly Workshops For Entrepreneurial Parents

                                      To increase your Confidence, Connections, Clarity, Collaboration, and Creativity in family life.

                                      That's why we're called FamilyC.

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                                      Family life solutions designed with an entrepreneurial mindset

                                      Premium growth platform for entrepreneurs and their partners

                                      A single, simple program for all of your family-life optimization

                                      You Want The Best ROI From Your Most Important Organization: Your Family


                                      But As You know, it's not easy.

                                      Problem 1

                                      Your business and family are competing for attention. You want them to proactively support each other instead.

                                      Problem 2

                                      You and your partner spend most of your
                                      time working in your relationship instead of
                                      on your relationship.

                                      Problem 3

                                      You want to spend less energy solving problems in family life and more energy proactively making things go right.

                                      Problem 4

                                      You want elegant, recurring solutions in family life, like in your business, but you don’t have time to create them yourself.

                                      Problem 5

                                      You wish you were connecting even more with your children but you feel your time with them slipping away.

                                      Problem 6

                                      You want proven practices and techniques for raising healthy children but you don’t have time to do all the research yourself.

                                      These Problems Are Daunting, But We're Here To Help!

                                      Meet Your Expert Guides

                                      About Us

                                      FamilyC curates and trains small groups of high-performing couples in the skills they need to create thriving, conscious family lives.

                                      FamilyC was founded by education entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping families minimize conflict and maximize joy.

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                                      James Ure

                                      Visionary &



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                                      Nels Jensen

                                      CEO &



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                                      Ben Brown

                                      R&D &



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                                      Our Proven Process To Designing The Family You Want

                                      the number one and first step of FamilyC Proven Process

                                      Clarify Your
                                      Vision And Values


                                      the number two and second step of FamilyC Proven Process

                                      Optimize Your
                                      Family Rhythms


                                      the number three and third step of FamilyC Proven Process

                                      Upgrade Your
                                      Family Culture


                                      the number four and fourth step of FamilyC proven process

                                      Connect 1:1
                                      With Your Kids


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                                      What's Your Family ROI?

                                      Have you ever noticed that our society spends billions on training professionals in medicine, law, business, education, and so on—but only a fraction of that on developing skills that will help us have dynamic, fulfilling family lives?

                                      The result is, too many of us become professionals in business but remain amateurs in family life.

                                      At FamilyC, we believe your family life deserves as much investment and training as your business (or any other major area of life). 

                                      That’s why we’ve developed a four-part program that will help you co-create the family life you’ve always wanted—and connect you with a curated community of people who want the same.

                                      We designed this program specifically to meet the needs of high-performing, high-vibe entrepreneurial couples like you. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know your schedule is full and your expectations for life are high—and we’re here to help you achieve them.

                                      By participating in our programs, you’ll learn and implement simple systems in four crucial areas of family life: shared vision and values, partner collaboration, family culture, and connection with your kids. In the process, you’ll learn how to optimize the most challenging parts of family life. 

                                      As a result, you’ll experience less conflict and drama at home and more fun and enjoyment. Best of all, you’ll learn how to set this all on autopilot for the future.

                                      FamilyC is the result of over 30 years of our combined parenting experience and countless hours of research and experimentation, all to answer one big question: “How can we make family life more Loving, Easy, Authentic, and Fun (a.k.a. LEAF)?”

                                      Today, we’ve found the answer to that question not only for our own families, but also for dozens of others who we’ve helped implement the FamilyC system. If you’re ready to experience the family life you’ve always dreamed of, fill out our nomination form and get started today.

                                      James and Ben at FamilyC helped me put my family life onto rhythms that work. One of my favorite takeaways was a rhythm for thinking about and connecting with my kiddos one-on-one.
                                      Josh and Auj T
                                      Product Evo
                                      My family life is more organized, optimized, and joyful than it has ever been. We just feel more in sync than ever. I couldn’t recommend this program and community more.
                                      Trent and Sarah C
                                      Fix Your Funnel

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