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Ange (rhymes with flange) is a naturally-curious person, and she loves playing with many forms of creativity, from writing to designing spaces to stained glass. Her pursuit of a joyful life has become even more beautiful as it has flowered into co-founding FamilyC, where her twin powers of curiosity and self-compassion help clients carve out space to be exactly who they are, have a good time, and take really good care of themselves. While she is a creature of comfort who loves food, cozy things, and back tickles, she’s also a wide-eyed adventurer and loves to create epic experiences with family and friends. Some of her truest passions are: lovely people, exploring new places, beauty for its own sake, good comedic timing, indoor plants, a hot beverage, getting a tight 8.5 hours of sleep, and a round of the card game du jour over dinner with the kids.


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James’ life mission is to be a next-level nerd, so that you don’t have to be. He is Co-Founder of two transformational learning companies: Williamsburg Learning and FamilyC. Before that, he attended law school–get this–not to be a lawyer, but purely for the unadulterated joy of studying constitutional law. He is curious about health, government, business, education, and human nature generally. He has a knack for creating elegant and shareable solutions for his own personal and family life. His creative genius is recognizing what matters most and distilling it into simple actions, tools, and visuals that take away confusion and make overwhelming things seem easy. He loves good literature (you should hear him burst out laughing as he reads a Steinbeck novel), traveling with his family, fitness, building stuff, watching the sunset with his sweetheart, and doing whatever his teens are into with them and their friends.

Our Family

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We have four kids, three of whom are teenagers, and one tween. We love traveling, eating, playing outside, laughing, reading, watching shows together, and hanging out with friends.