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                                      The FamilyC Program

                                      Designed to help entrepreneurs get the most out of family life.

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                                      Build your relationship around inspiring shared vision and values

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                                      Replace doubt, drag, and drama with confidence and connection

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                                      Install simple rhythms to raise the ROI you get from family life

                                      How It Works

                                      Once per quarter, you and your partner go on a three-day getaway to the location of your choice. While there, you spend one day with FamilyC, in a live online training. 

                                      • In Q1, we’ll help you recognize your shared values and build on them to create a 10 year vision for your family and life together. 

                                      • In Q2, we’ll teach you powerful weekly and quarterly rhythms for you and your spouse to increase your communication.

                                      • In Q3, we’ll show you how to create and optimize your family culture through rituals that will empower and bond your family.

                                      • In Q4, we’ll help you increase your ROI and lay the groundwork for a life-long connection with your kids.


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                                      Who We Serve

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                                      We’ve tailored the FamilyC program specifically to meet the needs of high-performing, high-vibe entrepreneurial couples. So, get in touch with us if the following sounds like you:

                                      • You are abundant. One of you runs a 7-figure enterprise.

                                      • You see family as a key part of your intentional life.

                                      • You have a beginner's mind. You don't have all the answers.

                                      • You are naturally generous. You delight in helping others.

                                      • You are authentic. You tell the truth.

                                      • You are growth-minded. You invest heavily in yourselves and each other.

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                                      So, What's The ROI If You Sign Up?

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                                      Live Your Best
                                      Life Together

                                      You want a thriving, happy, and rewarding family life. We give you the tools to make that easier than you'd ever think.

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                                      Connect More
                                      With Your Kids

                                      Your kids need you to both guide them and liberate them. We’ll show you how to strike that balance easily and consistently.

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                                      Optimize Your
                                      Time Together

                                      You want to maximize your time with your most important people. We'll help you set rhythms to do this like clockwork.

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                                      Grow Personally
                                      & Professionally

                                      When family life is dialed in, you'll unlock the time and energy to do more personally and professionally.

                                      ROI Guarantee

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                                      Your Investment: You pay the annual membership fee, and commit to participating fully in the four workshop days. 

                                      Your ROI: You will see growth in your partnership, parenting, children, business, and overall life satisfaction.

                                      Our Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your ROI, we will provide you a full refund.

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                                      James and Ben at FamilyC helped me put my family life onto rhythms that work. One of my favorite takeaways was a rhythm for thinking about and connecting with my kiddos one-on-one.
                                      Josh and Auj T
                                      Product Evo
                                      My family life is more organized, optimized, and joyful than it has ever been. We just feel more in sync than ever. I couldn’t recommend this program and community more.
                                      Trent and Sarah C
                                      Fix Your Funnel

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